A placement campaign with us will give you access to millions of engaged consumers via leading content across television, film, music video and SVOD platforms.


Whether you are a smaller brand looking to gain brand awareness, or a global brand looking to duplicate your off-screen presence on-screen - we can tailor a placement package to fit your needs and marketing objectives via our two core service packages - Prop Placement and Product Placement.

prop placement.

Brands are represented by agencies like us to secure multiple placements across UK programming on an earned basis. Products are supplied to be used as ‘props’ and used for suitable opportunities at the production’s discretion. When any product is supplied as part of a Prop Placement campaign, airtime is not agreed or guaranteed by productions, broadcasters and/or film makers, but we offer our own guarantees to brands in order to safeguard investment.


Prop Placement provides brands with high level access to scripted content across all of the major broadcasters and SVOD. We work on over 150 productions per year and have an unbeatable network of contacts allowing us to achieve exceptional results.


Also known as: Prop Provision / Free Prop Hire


The Prop Placement Process:


create placement plan (brand briefing)




targeting & 


control &


results &
product placement.

Brands agree guaranteed airtime levels with broadcasters, production companies, labels and or distributors (for UK TV programming this will be highlighted in programming with the P logo). Deals are brokered and managed by placement agencies like us with expertise around UK entertainment content.


Unlike Prop Placement, paid for placement provides brands with the opportunity to licence properties and build larger campaigns. For TV, deals are mainly linked with ITV / CH4 and Sky and there are restrictions around category areas.


Also known as: Paid for Placement


The Product Placement Process:


create placement plan (brand briefing)


proactive opportunity search in partnership with major broadcasters


negotiate & secure clear deliverables in line with campaign objectives


control & manage placement activity


control & manage activation activity


campaign results & success measurement

why work with us?

A campaign with us will give you access to over 150 TV productions and feature films each year and all of the major broadcasters and distributors including ITV, BBC (we are an accredited prop supplier), All4, Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MTV, Dave, ABC, FX, Universal, Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios, Paramount, Warner Brothers and Entertainment One.

live placement portal access

to results.

As well as a dedicated account team, you will have 24-hour access to our placement portal. This includes information and footage on recent sightings, product levels and media value achieved. Results matter! We will provide you with in-depth tracking reports and exposure edits on a quarterly basis to keep you updated.

an unbeatable client offering.

Transparent, client-focused and exposure driven; we set realistic expectations and achieve them. Each placement package is bespoke and developed based on your individual needs and wider marketing objectives. What we do works! And we have the impressive client retention history to prove it!

proven access to content & official supplier status.

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For more information regarding Free Prop Hire and Paid for Placement regulations please contact us, or refer to the official Ofcom website using the shortcut below.

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