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about us.

Propaganda UK is an established agency of 30 years, based in Northamptonshire, ideally situated between the media hubs of London and Manchester. We are a full-service agency - including in-house content monitoring, creative studio, dedicated production and client teams, warehousing, and logistics, - specialising in both Prop and Product placements across television, SVOD, feature film and music content.

With consumers becoming increasingly difficult to reach, we provide a unique gateway for you to access the 'skip generation'. Working across all major broadcasters, subscription VOD platforms and film studios here in the UK, we bypass the 30 second TV ad and create an 'always on' effect. Reaching bigger, better, and more engaged audiences whilst placing your brand at the forefront of the consumers' minds.

Placement doesnt just benefit brands, productions and content producers benefit from enhanced realism when using real products within the content they create, and brands need exposure to expand and remain relevant. We all know that consumers are influenced by talent and celebrities, what we do brings this all together and it works.

The impact of traditional advertising is decreasing - consumers actively avoid advertising, immediately reaching for the skip button. Integrating your products and messages seamlessly within content that people want to watch is the most powerful form of advertising today.

integrating your products and messages seamlessly within the content that people want to watch is the
most powerful form of



Our extensive experience spans across a wide range of categories. We have worked with hundreds of brands from some of the worlds most well-known global names to smaller, niche brands.

Below are a few examples of brands that we currently represent for Prop Placement across TV, SVOD and Films:

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